Full 24/7 Gym and Classes

Full 24/7 Gym, Fitness Classes and Love! Month to Month or Ongoing packages. Senior, Military, Law Enforcement, Student and Service Discounts. Family Owned and operated. Take the FREE 2 DAY PASS and experience the difference. Love the energy, Love the Life!!

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Hapkido Martial Arts

Parents love us!! Put your kids in class and work out at the same time! We have Hapkido Packages that have Free Gym Access built right in!! Make your kids stronger while you get your sweat on!! 2 Birds Yall!!

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30/60/90 Day Challenges!

Get your results with a DEADLINE! Push past your Plateau or get a fantastic KICK START!! Try out one of our new KICK START Programs today!!


Silver Sneaker Provider

We are a full Silver Sneaker Provider! Get FREE 24/7 GYM ACCESS AND FULL SILVER SNEAKER FITNESS CLASSES. Click Below to check to see if you are eligible TODAY!

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Save Time and Money
Save your time and money when bundled with one of our Hapkido Packages
Member Bonuses
Get 10-20% Discount ALL THE TIME at our 12000 sq ft Indoor Ninja and Batting Cages. Its good to be in the club!
Ninja/Nurf Birthday Parties
Get 10% off with member access on our Fantastic Ninja Warrior Birthdays

This gym is well maintained and clean. The people who work there are caring and know about health and fitness. The owner is responsive to what members want. The owner and his family are very involved in the community. Working out there is a great experience.

~ KT