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Events and Charity!!

[service thumb=”×190.jpg” full=”” title=”Tough Mudder 13′-14′” type=”link” url=”″]
A Portion of the Proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project.
[service thumb=”×160.jpg” full=”” title=”Operation Backpack” type=”link” url=””]
We have raised over 6,000 to feed local Warrenton Children
[service thumb=”×190.jpg” full=”” title=”Super Santa” type=”link” url=””]
Collecting Gifts for our local Warrenton Foster Kids!!
[service thumb=”” full=”” title=”Military Care PAK” type=”link” url=””]
We send what our boys and girls need to make it home!
[service thumb=”” full=”” title=”Self Defense Clinics” type=”link” url=””]
Fitness is one thing, being safe is another. Respect!
[service thumb=”” full=”” title=”Personal Relationships” type=”link” url=””]
We Band Together here through Physical Fitness!