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Why we are different

I'm REAL....Like REALLY real. You can talk to me the owner directly. If you need to me and I'll meet you in the middle. That stuff goes a long way when hard times hit. Remember...Ramen noodles and peanut butter are great.....Just not at every meal.....

Serving This Community for going on 20 Years

Use our online boarding process – NO PROCESSING FEES.


We have been in the Warrenton Community for going on 20 years for Fitness and Martial Arts Hapkido. 

I am a local guy. ALL my members have a Direct line to my personal Cell Phone which they can text at any time.  We have a “Easy in/Easy out” policy for gym enrollments. They are agreements, Not contracts. You can text me at anytime with any questions. 314 750 1182

Help me continue keeping this place fantastic!

Text the owner direct at 3147501182

no year end or other hidden dues or fees

our w.a.r. program non profit helps youth in our local community

i'm just a dude, playing a dude

Lets get personal. I am the owner. I'm here every night, and thats why people love this place. I have tons of people that come here from Fancy Nancy or Big Box gyms. My family is here. Our Non profit for our local kids is here. You have a DIRECT textable number TO THE OWNER! (3147501182) Be like Yeezy BEFORE He lost his shoe contract!

I got 24 hour Gym AND ALL CLASSES INCLUDED-Sports section and Batting cages 1 Price (29.99)

This place is full 24 Hours PLUS ALL Fitness classes. Work out on your own time. Don’t worry about the clock…..Just get ready to ROCK!! SILVER SNEAKERS- OPTUM RENEW-AT YOUR BEST-We got you too! 17000 sq ft of gym space. -Not pictured here is our FULL FUNTIONAL FITNESS SPORTS SECTION ASTROTURF

class only passes! (19.99) don't want the 24/7 gym experience? just want the classes......i'm on it killer! Hey......Hey.....Guess What?! You can upgrade or downgrade from full 24 to just classes at any time with no extra $$$$

Pass for only Fitness Classes. Don’t need the 24/7 gym access? Just want to get it on with just the classes???………Here you go.. I dont’s care what you say…..We have it all here at K4 Fitness in Warrenton!

Put your kids in a class and workout in the gym (SAME TIME-SAVE MONEY/TIME)

We don’t do Childcare. We grow strong people here. From ages 4 and up we have a program for everyone. From Martial Arts to Dance to Family Gym Passes. Find out why we have a program for your family. Text me direct (3147501182) To See if Dance/Tumbling or Hapkido martial arts is for your little Crumb Catchers!

Kids Programs WHILE you work out! Gym typically comes with the program!

Hapkido Plus 24 Hour Gym

SO MANY PARENTS use this program. We dont do childcare, we do class. Work out at the same time while your kids are LEARNING. We have programs that come with the gym FOR YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!

Dance, Ballet, Hip Hop, Tumbling

Get your kids active with our Dance/Tumbling programs at the K! Our Casey is great, her program is great....Really.........You just have to see it. You WORKING OUT while they are IN CLASS!!! WIN/WIN Baby!

Kidz Work out here for Free

Kids under 16 are free here at K4! THIS IS NOT A MONKEY JOES! They have to come with the parent and actually put in the work. Otherwise they are out. Typical ages are 11-15 that come to get down. Fit Fam Ya'll.......gET SOME!


Batting Cages in Warrenton


You want your gym membership to come with yo' batting cages? Check! We host not only singles but teams. From Baseball to Softball- Pitching machines and more. Stay at the K!

Outdoor Training Fields

Outdoor clinics and teams. Skills and Drills. Pair up with one of our Sports Trainers and put yourself on the map. Check back with all our offerings as they UNFOLD!


Get Motivated from What others are saying about the K!

Seriously a breath of fresh air. Great facility, good strength training equipment, good cardio selection and well maintained. The staff is amazing. I’m active duty military on holiday leave, the front desk clerk immediately brought me in, made my wife and I feel at home and welcome. Set me up with a free membership and told me it was a priority for their company to take care of our military members and families. I haven’t been treated this well anywhere else I’ve been in the United States. I will never go anywhere else while I’m home again. Thank you so much K4 Fitness!

Donald B

I was looking for a local gym with a trainer, friendly atmosphere, great equipment to loose some late 30’s weight. Boy did I find it!!!! Jeremiah, the owner is a super friendly guy that welcomed me my first day, showed me around and gave me the straight forward info I wanted/needed. Easy access and really nice equipment make a gym but you can tell they really have a nice local family feel. I would recommend this place to anyone!!!

Shaun S.

Thank you K4Fitness. I love the staff especially you Denise! Thank you for all your help on the machines and putting up with me in the mornings!! And Amy thanks for giving me different exercises to try. The gym is always kept very clean and neat. Good Job everyone at K4Fitness!!! Love You!

Connie K.

!Ask Me here!

You will get answers directly from Me! The owner-or text me direct at FRONT: 3147501182






GYM:636-456-5425 (KICK)

TEXT: GYM 3147501182

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